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National Facilities Direct is designed to consolidate your complex ever-changing needs through top-quality facility services derived from real-time communication, state-of-art analytics, data-driven decisions, proprietary technologies to develop customized all-inclusive maintenance programs, best-in-class connectivity, and a vast in-house network of diverse professional licensed technicians. Handling all industries, achieving client satisfaction, and constantly evolving to face new challenges, made NFD a proven industry leader.

Self Performing

National Facilities Direct pursues a broad vetting process resulting in hiring less than 5% of the applicants. Our field staff undergoes extensive HSE (Healthy, Safety, and Environmental) training, assessments, classes, and seminars for continuous education, keeping the team up-to-date with the latest field trends and techniques.

Self Communicating

National Facilities Direct’s 24/7/365 revolutionary command center’s team share the core values of transparency, ethical practices, and client satisfaction. Dedication to the process of communication quality, proactive updates, concise information and real-time analysis is a part of what makes our operations team easy to work with.

Self Supported

National Facilities Direct utilizes its proprietary technologies to serve you within the desired time and at competitive rates. We are committed to simplifying service requests through streamlining communication through our comprehensive network, improving efficiency to understand your demands and consider your point of view.


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From regional to national clients, we’ve helped hundreds of companies, large and small, successfully maintain their facilities by utilizing innovative initiatives for their comprehensive maintenance and facility challenges.

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